Issue 438

May 14th – May 20th, 2020


President Trump may be open to further federal funding to help states recover funds spent battling the coronavirus as part of a Phase Four deal, but he isn’t interested in “bailing out” states for other fiscal problems they have.

President Trump vetoed a resolution that would have limited his ability to use military action against Iran without congressional approval. “This was a very insulting resolution… part of a strategy to win an election,” he said. The Senate failed to override the president’s veto.

Pray for President Trump, the difficulties he faces with the economic recovery efforts, and for him to get sufficient rest.


A “tidal wave” of lawsuits will come against small businesses that reopen if liability protection legislation fails to pass both chambers of Congress, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas predicted. He said the businesses need protection more than the trial lawyers need the work.

Representative French Hill of Arkansas has introduced legislation that would cut U.S. reliance on foreign goods during future health crises. “We were caught in this pandemic in low tide with no bathing suit on,” he said of current foreign dependence.

Pray as the House returns on Friday, at least in part, and for the new relief packages the Congress will be considering.


A discharge of pollution into groundwater may be regulated under the Clean Water Act, the Supreme Court ruled in a case involving a wastewater treatment and reclamation facility in Hawaii that injects water into wells that allow for seepage into groundwater.

A U.S. appeals court dismissed a lawsuit against the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian Liberation Organization over their alleged involvement in a 2002 suicide bombing that took the lives of two Americans for “lack of jurisdiction” over the defendants.

Pray for America’s courts operating under social distancing or remotely through teleconferencing as they hear and debate cases.



Coalition forces continue to put pressure on ISIS in Iraq while U.S. troop rotations are continuing with the implemented safety guidelines and quarantines to stem the spread of the coronavirus among military members.

Islamic State has stepped up attacks in Iraq, seeking to exploit cracks in Baghdad’s alliance with the U.S.-led coalition and new security challenges resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. They have already knocked out around 1,000 megawatts of electricity supply by shooting at power lines.

Pray for America’s military men and women, their health as well as their safety wherever they are stationed.


An Iranian warship was accidentally struck with an Iranian missile during an exercise that killed 19 sailors on board and wounded others. There are reports that the vessel was sunk, but the Iranian Navy is so far denying that.

The U.S. is removing Patriot missile systems from Saudi Arabia and is considering reductions to other military capabilities, marking the end, for now, of a large-scale military buildup to counter Iran.

Pray about America’s presence in the Gulf Region and for the dependability of allies there.


Despite still being under indictment on corruption charges, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may go ahead and form a government the Israeli Supreme Court said, and that the unity government deal with Benny Gantz does not violate the law, dismissing arguments that it unlawfully shields him in a corruption trial.

Three Gulf-Arab states have reached out to Israel in recent days to receive information and assistance in their fight against COVID-19 and saying they would be willing to work with Israel on a vaccine.

Pray that God would grant wisdom to Prime Minister Netanyahu as he deals with personal issues while working to form a unity government with Mr. Gantz.


Demand for gasoline is expected to rebound after plunging to roughly half of normal levels in early April, as states reopen from lockdowns and Americans get back behind the steering wheels.

For the first time ever, pickup trucks are outselling sedans in the U.S., and some automakers say truck models are running low. Pickups led cars by more than 17,000 in April, spurred by 0 percent interest rates.

Pray for America’s automakers as they slowly begin to reopen their factories; pray for the economy to find its rebound sooner rather than later.


Officials in Louisiana say COVID-19 has shined a spotlight on how much of the nation’s supply chain is based overseas, giving “legions” of opportunities for investments, businesses, research and development in the U.S.

Nearly 60 percent of Wisconsin school districts are seeking instructional hours waivers due to COVID-19, while 15 percent applied for exemptions to a mandate that high school seniors pass the 100-question test in order to graduate.

Pray that state governments would exercise caution in reopening their states for business, keeping in mind both the physical and mental health of its citizens as well as the health of the economy.


So Jesus said to them, “The light is among you for a little while longer. Walk while you have the light, lest darkness overtake you. The one who walks in the darkness does not know where he is going.” – John 12:35

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