FDA Grants Emergency Antibody Test Use

Nearly 30 million tests could be shipped in May.

Emergency use authorization for a new coronavirus antibody test was granted Monday by the Food and Drug Administration to Abbott Laboratories. It is the fourth coronavirus-linked emergency use authorization given by the FDA.

Companies have been pushing to create antibody tests, which will tell whether a person had the virus in the past, including those who were asymptomatic. Abbott says their test can give results of 99.6 percent specificity and 100 percent sensitivity for patients tested 14 days after symptoms began. It is a rapid test, with results produced in just minutes, and it is being used at the White House.

The Trump Administration has recommended that these tests be offered as states begin to reopen some businesses so Americans can feel confident about returning to work.

Abbott Laboratories says they want to ship nearly 30 million tests in May and 60 million in June.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the accuracy and dependability of the new antibody tests, and for those who continue working on testing.
  • For the first responders on every level who are attending coronavirus patients, and for those who are administering the tests.

Sources: Axios, Reuters


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