States Scramble to Purchase Malaria Drug

Though it is no longer encouraged by the FDA as a treatment for the virus.

State governments have reportedly been in bidding wars with each other over a variety of medical supplies since the pandemic began. Now, even though the FDA is currently working to actively warn doctors against prescribing it to coronavirus patients, the drug hydroxychloroquine has been caught up in that bidding war.

Twenty-two states have secured shipments of the drug to their hospitals. In purchasing large quantities of the drug, the states have said that, just in case it does prove to be effective against the virus, they would prefer to be safe than sorry. However, the Tennessee Department of Health Commissioner Lisa Piercy has voiced concern about the drug being inappropriately prescribed and possibly being hoarded. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That the Lord would give the leaders of state governments wisdom in their decision making.
  • For President Trump to lead the nation in the most beneficial paths to physical and economic health.
  • That people would have faith in God and trust His provision with generosity of heart.

Sources: AP


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