Bruised But Not Broken

Isaiah 42:3 – A bruised reed he will not break, and a faintly burning wick he will not quench.

There is scarcely a person or a family in America whose lives have not been turned topsy-turvy by the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps you are an essential worker, and you’re taking on extra hours, being exposed to who-knows-what, even isolating from your family. Or you are a stay-at-home parent with no place to just get away from it all for even a minute as children grow increasingly restless. Maybe you are part of the “vulnerable population,” those with a little extra silver in their hair, and the loneliness of being apart from friends is overwhelming. Yes, you are bruised. The wick in your candle is just smoldering.

A bruised reed might be vulnerable, but God applies strength to that vulnerability and the reed remains unbroken. Or the candle with barely a flicker left can be brought back to light with the tiniest, most delicate breath of God.

These are times of testing, for rebuilding your strength. You may need it. There is perfect gentleness and awesome strength in the arms of God. Rest easy. He’s got you!

Pray With Us

Gentle Father, Abba, my strength just doesn’t feel like it is there much anymore. The pressures I feel sometimes seem to overwhelm me. What a cherished blessing it is to know that You, O God, are always here with me. Because You are strong, I am strengthened, and no force can stand against me while I am in Your care.  Thank You for being gentle with me.  I want to sing, “Breathe on me, Breath of God, fill me with life anew. Until with Thee I will one will, to do and to endure.”


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