Another 5.2 Million Jobless Claims Filed

More than 16 million claims filed in three weeks.

The Labor Department announced Thursday that another 5.2 million Americans filed for unemployment last week. Added to those filed over the past three weeks, there are now more than 16 million jobless. More jobs have been lost in the last month than were gained since the Great Recession.

One Wall Street economist said that, as bad as these weekly numbers look on the surface, they’re likely even higher. There are widespread complaints that state labor departments are having trouble processing the never-before-seen wave of jobless filings.

In just one month, the coronavirus economic shutdown has caused a staggering 22 million Americans to lose their jobs.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the millions of Americans who have lost jobs and who are not yet receiving benefits of unemployment insurance.
  • For state governments whose technology systems are outdated and who are having difficulty processing and paying out claims for unemployment.
  • For wisdom for President Trump as his challenges grow with the halt of what had been an incredible booming economy and lowest recorded unemployment.
  • For all who are working on guidelines that will allow the reopening of the economy, sector by sector or region by region.

Sources: Axios, Department of Labor


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