Hospitals May Lend Unused Ventilators

President announced new public-private initiative.

On Tuesday, President Trump announced a new initiative, which he called the “Dynamic Ventilator Reserve,” during a meeting with healthcare executives at the White House.

The new public-private partnership is aimed at allowing hospitals to lend unused ventilators to areas that need them to treat patients who have contracted the coronavirus. He said there are 60,000 unused ventilators in hospitals across the country and that the new program would help get the critical devices to areas that need them.

He said the initiative would be supported by FEMA and the Department of Health and Human Services, adding there is a huge need for more ventilators. For those who need them, the federal government will “make sure that you get them,” the president said.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • About the potential for lending ventilators so that critical equipment can be placed where it is necessary.
  • For the federal government agencies, including FEMA, and the HHS Department, as they work to assure supplies get to where the are needed to care for patients and healthcare workers.

Sources: The Hill, MSN


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