American Prisoners Abroad Call For Better Communication

Reliable access to government information a must for hostage families.

The James W. Foley Legacy Foundation recently released a report based on interviews with 25 former hostages and their families. Although those who were wrongfully imprisoned or detained on foreign soil felt as though they had pretty ready access to high levels of government, their families did not feel those same communication efforts.

During President Trump’s time in office, major improvements have been made to how the government communicates with families. In addition, the administration has made it clear that the return of hostages and detainees is of the utmost importance.

Historically, the report said, “There is a notable disparity in the treatment of hostage and wrongful-detainee families by the U.S. government, with the latter receiving less attention, information, and access”. Further hostage policy overhaul among the FBI and the State Department was recommended. With hostages often being imprisoned in very delicate circumstances, the considerations on policy change must be taken very seriously and done carefully.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the FBI and CIA as they work to handle American hostage situations.
  • For President Trump as he continues to prioritize the freedom of foreign detainees.
  • That the Lord would provide hostages and detainees divine protection in dire circumstances.

Sources: AP, CNN, MSN


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