Defense Department Takes on Drug Cartels

Narcotics traffickers taking advantage of pandemic opportunity.

“America continues to wage all-out war to defeat this horrible virus”, President Trump said as he began the task force briefing. “But there is another war that we are also facing.”

Today the U.S. launched enhanced narcotics activity in the Western Hemisphere, he said. The U.S. must not let the drug cartels exploit the virus. Additional military and surveillance ships and aircraft are being deployed to protect America from the scourge of narcotics.

He introduced Defense Secretary Mark Esper, who said the nation will remain vigilant to the many other threats the country is facing. Enhanced counter-narcotic operations have begun to prevent the illicit flow of drugs into the country and protect American citizens.

The president has directed the deployment of additional ships, Coast Guard cutters, aircraft, and more, doubling the capacity of the U.S. to counter narcotic activities. In addition, 22 countries have joined in this effort. Transnational narcotic traffickers put the nation and communities at risk. Tens of thousands die every year from drug overdoses. Corrupt actors, like Nicholas Maduro of Venezuela, profit from this lawlessness. “We must do more to prevent drugs from arriving at our shores. We will keep the pressure on these illegitimate groups. We do not cease defending our country around the world,“ Secretary Esper said.

General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, reported on intelligence that drug cartels were taking advantage of the COVID-19 virus to penetrate the nation with more illicit drugs. The Navy and Coast Guard have already set sail, and the Air Force is aloft. “To the cartels, you won’t get through, and we will defend our country,” the general said.

Attorney General William Barr reported on the Justice Department’s part in this anti-narcotics initiative established by the president. One of DOJ’s highest priorities is to destroy the Mexico cartels. They are responsible for the deaths of 70,000 Americans every year and families are crushed by the burden this traffic causes.

A.G. Barr said he has met with Mexico’s President Lopez Obrador, and we are having some successful discussions and currently have an array of activities against these cartels. “We are confident they will bring results in the months ahead. But right now, we need to increase our own actions against interdiction,“ said the attorney general. Sea routes on both coasts have become a primary way for bringing cocaine into the U.S.  He continued, “We have known where they are, but have had limitations on intercepting actions. We are now doubling our capacity to interdict hundreds of tons of cocaine we are not able to seize.“  He declared this effort will save lives.

Last week the Department of Justice unsealed charges against the former Maduro regime in Venezuela and their part in the trafficking of cocaine.  “We are not taking our eyes off this ball and are expanding the tools we have to go against these regimes and cartels,“ AG Barr concluded.

Ambassador Robert O’Brien, the White House National Security Advisor,  spoke about the uncontrolled flow of drugs into the United States. Narco-terrorists should not underestimate the U.S. “We are very committed to moving against this harmful and deadly activity,“ Ambassador O’Brien stated.

“This is a priority for the American public,“ Defense Secretary Esper said. “This is a good operation and very important. This is an interagency action.“

President Trump said this action would also help slow the spread of the pandemic as people smugglers and others bring the virus in with them. He also mentioned the impact of the wall on the southern border and how people are being stopped before they come in, and that many of them are sick.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the Defense Department and Department of Justice as they exert efforts to defend the country from narcotics trafficking.
  • For President Trump as he endeavors to protect the nation against opioids and the coronavirus.

Sources:, C-SPAN


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