President Recognizes National Doctors Day

“As one Nation, we pray…,” he said.

President Trump recognized March 30 as National Doctors Day, praising “those who have collectively risen to the challenge of combating the coronavirus pandemic in communities large and small across the United States.”

The president wrote, “This year in particular, on National Doctors Day, we recognize the remarkable men and women who treat their fellow Americans, find cures for the diseases and illnesses we face, and never waver in their efforts to treat every patient with the dignity, respect, and empathy they deserve.”

His proclamation continued, “As our Nation continues to combat the novel coronavirus, the tireless work and dedication of our medical and healthcare professionals is evident in the hospitals and treatment centers where they care for the sick, inside the labs and research facilities where vaccines and treatments are being developed, and from the podiums where they have continuously reassured and informed the American people. These brave patriots on the frontlines of the war against this invisible enemy are the most talented, innovative, and hardworking medical professionals in the world. Thanks to their incredible, life-saving work, no country is better prepared to fight this pandemic than the United States and we remain confident that their steadfast resolve will see our Nation through to victory over this disease.”

In conclusion, President Trump wrote, “As one Nation, we pray for their continued health and strength, and we ask God to bless them with the wisdom and resolute spirit to care for those who need healing.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For America’s medical professionals, many working with very little sleep, as they attend to the patients ill with the coronavirus.
  • For other first responders whose efforts in support of the medical teams need recognition.
  • For people and families dealing with the impact of the COVID-19 virus.

Sources:, Independent Journal Review


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