Coronavirus Impact on Individual States

Rainy day funds nearly depleted and drastic budget cuts loom near.

As state governors do their best to plan the future in the midst of crisis, it is difficult to not predict anything but grim prospects. “I am gravely concerned about our ability to deliver basic services over the next six months to a year given the drop in revenues,” said Oregon Gov. Kate Brown.

With small businesses shutting down, hospitals filled to overcapacity, and coronavirus outbreaks increasing rapidly, these fiscal worries are shared by many state governors. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said “The response to this virus has probably already cost us $1 billion. It will probably cost several billion dollars when we’re done. I’m telling you, these numbers don’t work.”

Had states not been saving rainy day funds since the Great Depression, the impact could have been much worse. Those funds have almost all been depleted in multiple states as they’ve worked to curb the coronavirus.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That the emergency funding bill recently signed by President Trump would effectively aid state economies.
  • For the state governors of the United States as they plan for a difficult future. 
  • For God’s miraculous physical healing and grace throughout the homes and hospitals of the United States.

Sources: AP News, CBS News, Fox News


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