President Trump’s Coronavirus Briefing for Sunday

Federal guidelines extended to April 30th.

Prior to the briefing of the task force, President Trump met in the Cabinet Room with the supply chain distributors who reported on their public-private partnering to get medical and other supplies to areas of need in the U.S.  Project Airbridge has been instituted to expedite the shipping of needed supplies from overseas. The Airbridge results in critical medical supplies reaching the U.S. in 2-3 days. The normal sea shipment would take 20-40 days. The president reported on that meeting at the commencement of the daily task force briefing held in the White House Rose Garden.

Members of the supply chain group appeared with the president at the briefing.

He highlighted several new developments including a new test approved by the FDA which can give results in five minutes.  Fifty thousand tests a day will be delivered every day.  This will also allow the testing of doctors and medical workers on a near-immediate basis in critical facilities.  Quick testing will also help cities and states as they receive data to help their decision-making.

He thanked the Army Corps of Engineers and FEMA for setting up field hospitals in New York. They’ve built 2,900 beds in the Javits Center in less than four days. Field hospitals are being built in Louisiana, New Jersey, and other locations. Governor Cuomo also expressed his thanks for the actions in New York.

Dr. Steven Hahn, head of the FDA, approval the use of the hydroxychloroquine-Zithromax combination and over a thousand are now being treated in New York.

Additionally, there is a company working to get approval for the sterilization of used masks. The president said that some masks can be sterilized up to 20 times and that such an option would make a tremendous difference.

He added that research continues on every channel and that the U.S. is in touch with other countries in order to share data and information. Because of this, work on a vaccine and treatment techniques is moving quickly.

Two individuals with the supply chain committee spoke of the way government industries and private companies are working together for the good of the American people, like never before. Even though many companies have significantly ramped up supply and production, the demand is so much greater. One factory has been challenged with moving from their 10-20,000 masks a month to a need of 300,000 a month.

The president further expounded on what FEMA is doing as a part of Project Airbridge to move critical supplies. The first flight arrived at JFK Airport this morning with 1,000 tons of personal protective equipment. Nineteen additional flights are presently scheduled, with an anticipated 51 total flights. A representative of UPS spoke of their “big brown army” ready to deliver what is needed where it is needed, and she said that it is all about logistics at this point.

Others spoke of the importance of the collaboration of government agencies with the industries. 

All who spoke thanked for his leadership and for being proactive in responding as well as in quickly adapting to the dynamic needs of the nation. Those speaking emphasized that it is critical to move manufacturing back into America for such times as these.

Health insurance companies Humana and Cigna have agreed to waive co-pays and other charges related to the pandemic, including deductibles, and President Trump thanked them.

He spoke with Wolfgang Puck and other leaders in the restaurant business and said he was asked Secretary Mnuchin and Secretary Scalia to look into the deductibility of business-related lunches and meals so that companies could send employees to restaurants. He added that he wants them to continue to be able to stay open in order to feed the American people.

He took the time to discuss loan forgiveness for job retention loans for small businesses and the direct payments for American citizens that will go out in the coming weeks. The numbers he mentioned were part of the legislation passed and signed into law on Friday.

Shared sacrifices are pulling the country back together as neighbor helps neighbor and communities are uniting to help one another and the nation. He said he hoped the nation will win this war over the virus soon so that we would be in a position to help other countries.

In conclusion, he thanked America’s healthcare experts who are forwarding mitigation methods to eliminate fatalities. He added that social distancing is saving countless lives, but that the mortality rates would likely peak in two weeks. the president said, “Nothing would be worse than declaring victory before the victory is won.” He urged every American to follow the guidelines and that the guidelines would be extended to April 30 in order to slow the spread.

At the time of the briefing, there were 137,294 cases confirmed in the United States and 2,414 fatalities.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For guidance for all involved in combating the coronavirus.
  • That the mitigation that is taking place at this time would have a measurable effect.
  • About the extension of the mitigation program until the end of April and the difficulties that will place on American businesses and individuals.

Sources: White House, Fox News, NPR


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