Executive Order Authorizes Troop Call-Up

Call would include former troops, Ready Reserve and National Guard.

On Friday, President Trump signed an executive order authorizing the Pentagon to bring back former military troops, including members of the Ready Reserve and National Guard, to active duty as part of the ongoing response to the coronavirus crisis.

A Pentagon spokesman said that, in general, the individuals called up will be those in headquarters units and those with high demand medical capabilities, who would not adversely affect their local communities by being called up. The order allows them to be called up for up to two years and up to a million can be called.

President Trump said, “This will allow us to mobilize medical disaster emergency response personnel to help wage our battle against the virus. We have a lot of people, retirees, great military people, they’re coming back in.”

Earlier this week, President Trump activated the National Guard in New York, Washington, and California—states that have been hardest hit by the virus. On Thursday, more than 200 U.S. Army soldiers were deployed to New York to provide a “full range of health care services” to the state fighting the most cases in the country.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For President Trump, Vice President Pence, Defense Secretary Esper, and members of the coronavirus task force, as they continue to do all they can to battle the coronavirus.
  • For the men and women who will be recalled by the Pentagon to serve during the coronavirus crisis.

Sources: Fox News, CNN


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