Monday Briefing from President and Attorney General

President says “Country not built to be shut down.”

President Trump began the Monday coronavirus task force briefing acknowledging social distancing among the press corps.

“We will get through this crisis. We will rebound very strongly. But Americans must remain united and focused on victory … the sacrifice you are making at this time is saving lives.”

We have been working closely with the nations’ best scientists and medical professions. Pubic health experts are studying variations in the disease across the country and we will use the data to modify our responses.

“Our country was not built to be shut down.”

“We continue to work with Congress to help individuals, large businesses and small businesses who have been deeply affected. We are doing things to help. We will again soon be open for business… not the three or four months some have suggested. We are not going to let the cure be worse than the problem.”

Decisions will be made at the end of the 15-day period on which way the government needs to proceed.

He mentioned the bills Congress has already passed and urged them to pass the Senate bill as written and stop playing partisan games and partisan politics. He feels they are getting closer. This needs to go quickly, he said. We need to focus solely and squarely on the needs of the American people.

This is a medical problem, not a financial problem, and they are working to “fix it quickly.” He proclaimed again that the country will be stronger than ever before.

FEMA is distributing critical supplies across the country right now, focusing on areas with the greatest need. Millions of masks and other personal protective equipment are being made now. An outpouring of creativity is being widely shared among members of the private sector. People are working together.

Clinical trials begin with existing drugs tomorrow, and large quantities of these medications are being delivered to New York early tomorrow; they already have it on hand. The president felt that the combination of drugs “looks very good.” Anecdotally, one person has shown fast recovery after the administration of this combination of drugs. Production is being increased, along with other drugs under study. “It would be a gift of God if this works as we hope. … We have to try.”

The deadline for compliance with real ID requirements is being postponed during this time when the nation is being asked for social distancing. A new deadline will be announced soon.

One hundred three Americans who had been stranded in Brazil have been brought home. Most were senior citizens on a cruise.

An executive order invoking presidential authority has been signed to prevent hoarding of essential medical equipment and supplies. This is to prevent price gouging, and to protect critical health and medical resources. The HHS secretary has been authorized to designate which supplies are being protected. It will be a crime to stockpile these items; nor can they resell them at excessive prices. No one will be allowed to exploit American citizens for their own profit. Fraudulent schemes will be prosecuted. A website selling a fake vaccine has already been shut down.

Acts of compassion, benevolence and unity are showing up across the country. Citizens are volunteering. “We are seeing America at its best.”

He thanked the every-day heroes, health care workers, first responders, delivery persons and truckers who are keeping the supply lines moving. Restaurant workers, grocers, and others are being “incredible,” he said. He also thanked the American people for rising to the challenge, showing grace and grit. Acts of selflessness and sacrifice are a powerful testament to the American character. Together we will care for our fellow citizens and we will win this war and we’ll be back in business pretty soon.

Attorney General Bill Barr said the DOJ is working hard to protect the safety of their staff and colleagues in law enforcement everywhere across communities of the nation, often at great personal risk.

On the order the president mentioned to assure the availability of essential medical supplies. Executive Order 13909 was signed by the president to prevent the hoarding and price gouging. That order was signed last week. Today another order was issued to assure the availability of resources by designated them as “scarce,” allowing persons to be prohibited from having great quantities of supplies, subject to prosecution. HHS and DOJ will be reviewing hoarding where it is occurring.

A national task force to work on supply chain issues was formed, and all 93 U.S. attorneys offices will have a lead prosecutor to go after cases of hoarding and price gouging. Disruption of the supply chain will not be tolerated. They are concerned with hoarding on an industrial scale. Someone stock piling toilet tissue is not the concern, but if anyone has a warehouse full of masks, justice will brought to bear.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For discernment for the president as he works to protect the nation.
  • For guidance for the Justice Department as they enforce prohibitions on stockpiling and hoarding.
  • For Congress to cooperate with the Administration for the good of the country

Sources: C-SPAN, Fox News


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