Monday Task Force Briefing

Private sector stepping up needed supplies.

With 148 nations impacted by COVID-19, Dr. Deborah Birx reported that countries around the world have been reporting to the task force data on how the virus is proceeding there, particularly with respect to mortality levels. No child under 15 has died from the virus in Europe. To Generation Z and millennials, there is a very low mortality rate. They can still contract the disease and suffer from it.

There is still the need to protect the elderly.

She thanked the laboratory personnel who have administered more than 250,000 tests. They are still getting more tests than they can run per day. There was a breakthrough today on self-swabbing, and they will be available sometime this week so that individuals can do their own tests. If you do not need a test, do not take one.

New York City and the metro area have an attack rate of close to 1 in 1,000, five times what other areas are seeing. Of submitted tests, 28 percent are positive. This is the group that absolutely needs to social distance and self-isolate.

Vice President Pence said there was another conference call with the nation’s governors. Approval of disaster declarations were discussed with them, and all who have submitted requests are having them reviewed in an expeditious manner.

Local execution, state management, and federal support is the methodology being employed to address the virus.

He reminded everyone that the commonsense guidelines continue through this week. No decision has yet been made on their continuance.

The importance of the legislation currently being negotiated was also discussed with the governors who were encouraged to get in touch with the senators who represent their states.

States are radically expanding testing at drive-through and community sites. The self-nasal tests will not require as much of a drain on medical personnel. It is important to remember what the Bible says, that it is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the ones who are sick. New guidelines are being sent out tonight for all hospitals and state laboratories, including reporting requirements.

FEMA and U.S. Public Health Service personnel continue to be deployed around the country.  There is a supply-chain reliability task force, and they are working with businesses across America to increase production. Facebook has donated thousands of face masks, and 3M is stepping up production, some of which are being delivered today.

The availability of ventilators is being increased as out-patient operating facilities and other doctor offices can be easily converted to deal with the COVID-19 virus. This will help meet that need.

America is rising to the 15-day challenge, but every American needs to take this seriously. Put the principles into practice so the trajectory of the coronavirus can be lowered across the country. With compassion and ingenuity, with dedicated leadership, the spread can be diminished, the most vulnerable protected, and our land healed.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the senators who have removed themselves from the voting procedure due to self-quarantine, and whether an emergency provision for online voting could be established.
  • For senators to avoid the insertion of unrelated provisions into the stimulus legislation, negotiating for a clean virus-related only bill.
  • For a quick vote that can then be taken up just as quickly by the House, passed, and send to the president for signature.

Sources: C-SPAN, Fox News


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