President Trump’s Update on Current Actions

Department of Education and Treasure Department are making adjustments.

President Trump reported he has been working with members of the Senate on the proposed $1 billion stimulus bill. He has had good conversations with Senators Schumer and McConnell.

The Department of Education is not going to enforce standardized testing for the balance of this school year. All interest on federally-held student loans is being waived, and Secretary DeVos will pass that information on to lenders. It will be in force for 60 days and can be extended if needed.  

The Treasury Department is moving Tax Day from April 15 to July 15 for filing and paying taxes. No interest or penalties will be assessed for this time. You can still file early if seeking refunds.

He applauded both Governors Newsom of California and Cuomo of New York for the steps they are taking to protect their people from contracting the coronavirus.  He said again that the federal government is helping the states, and relationships are extraordinary.

All of North America—the U.S., Canada and Mexico—are concerned about the spread of the virus and public health authority is being extended to Customs and Border Protection in implementing rules that prevent non-essential travel. Mexico is also taking action to suspend air travel from Europe, so that people cannot come to Mexico intending to migrate to the U.S.

A lot of resolute action has been taken this week as people begin working together. The level of activation has been increased to a Grade I level, the highest level, and FEMA is already “on it.”

Paid sick leave at no cost to employers has been enacted through a congressional bill. Payments to hard-working families are part of the package now being discussed in Congress.

Across the globe, 141 countries are responding to the coronavirus. American industry has been “terrific” in responding to getting to Americans what they need to have. He credited doctors, nurses, other health care providers, truckers, grocers, and others.

He said America has learned a lot , and we will come out of this stronger than before.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the president as he works across all sectors to relieve economic impact of the virus.
  • For Secretary Mnuchin and Secretary DeVos as they implement relief strategies.
  • For families to survive the employment issues surrounding the pandemic.

Sources: C-SPAN, Fox News


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