New York Governor Issues Work From Home Order

75% of workforce must stay at home.

On Friday, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered businesses to keep 75 percent of their workforce home as the number of coronavirus cases rises rapidly.

He also said the state will provide 90-day mortgage relief to help those facing financial hardship as a result of the outbreak. The payments will be waived and added to the back end of the mortgage. No late fees will be applied, he said.

The order will be enforced, he said. There will be penalties for businesses who do not comply. This is a basic social obligation, he said.

He also emphasized that young people have received wrong information about their own vulnerabilities. “You’re just wrong. It’s just lunacy,” he said. “Social distancing means no more than six feet. You can’t be out playing basketball and remain six feet from each other—well, you can, but you’d lose.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the governors of other states as they consider how to protect their people from exposure to the coronavirus.
  • For businesses, governments, and young people to adhere to the rules issued by the federal government and the states to self-protect.
  • For a sense of community and responsibility toward one another, while showing compassion.

Sources: CBS, Fox News


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