PRAYER ALERT – President Declares National Emergency

In response to the spread of COVID-19


Live stream held at 3:00 PM EDT.


President Trump held a news conference from the White House on Friday afternoon. He told the press and the American people that he has declared a federal emergency to address the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S.

Declaring a national emergency does two things. First, it conveys to the American public that the nation faces a serious crisis and drastic action is necessary, and, second, that the government will immediately make available resources and other support that can be directed to protect communities across the nation.

“I am unleashing the power of the federal government,” he said and indicated an immediate $50 billion is being made available to states, territories, and localities.

He has authorized the Department of Health and Human Services to lift or waive numerous “old” rules and regulations that stymie many efforts, and doctors and hospitals will now have more freedom to do the things they deem necessary. Additionally, doctors will be able to work across state lines without having to do relicensing during the course of this disease.

Constraints are being removed from states and local governments that would prohibit or delay them from doing the things they need to do to stop, contain and curtail the virus. He mentioned “telehealth” where people can be in contact with a doctor or hospital over the telephone rather than having to physically go there.

Additionally, the president said that 1,700 engineers at Google are working on a website that will very quickly be available that will direct people toward testing and other services. He cautioned that people should not get tested unless they feel that testing is truly necessary. Testing sites will include parking lots at Walmart, and other private companies are engaged in a partnership with the federal government to aid the American public. The website should be available by Sunday night.

The president credited a number of private companies, many of whose top leadership were a part of the press conference. Many private company CEOs have met with the president, including pharmacies and medical supply providers, and all have pledged their cooperation. “You can do it,” he told them.

“We have learned a lot,” the president said, particularly as it referenced old regulations and rules that created a great deal of bureaucratic red tape. Many rules and regulations will be changed for the future, the president pledged.

Other emergency actions were announced including assistance to students with federal loans, and the purchase of large quantities of crude oil for the strategic reserve maintaining energy independence by buying it “at the right price.”

Vice President Pence also addressed the press saying, “This is an all-of-America approach,” and should be a comfort to the American public. He discussed the travel restrictions and quarantines. “The health of America has been put first,” he said. Particular efforts have been addressed to states with high incidences of coronavirus contagion.  It truly has been an “all hands on deck” operation to get things done, and the private-public partnership has been historic.

“All Americans have a role to play,” President Trump concluded. “The risk to young and healthy Americans remains very low,” he said, although they could be carriers, “those in nursing homes are also being cared for.” He encouraged everyone to follow the common-sense guidelines issued by the CDC, including social distancing, remote work, and the practice of good hygiene.  “Short term sacrifices will produce long-term gain,” he said. “The spirit of America is unbreakable,” he said. “We’re with you every step of the way. No nation is better prepared. With faith, and heart, and hope, and love and determination, we will succeed.”


President Trump said Friday morning that he will hold a televised press conference at 3:00 pm EDT. He is expected to declare a national emergency to allow more direct relief for the coronavirus response.

There are at least 1,680 cases of the virus in the U.S. and the numbers are climbing. Major sports leagues have suspended seasons. Schools are closing. Governors across the country are declaring states of emergency. Broadway and Disney World and Disneyland are shut down. Markets are running out of supplies.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For each company that is part of the equation in facing the coronavirus head-on.
  • That the efforts of testing and rapid response to symptoms will help to curtail the further spread of the coronavirus.
  • For senior citizens with chronic underlying health conditions as their needs are being specifically addressed.
  • For the task force as they continue their efforts in addressing the fight against the virus.

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