America Responding to Virus, Canceling Events

From sporting events to political rallies

The rapid spread of the coronavirus is resulting in cancellations and postponements of all manner of events in the United States and around the globe.

Political candidates Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden have called off some rallies and a debate scheduled for Sunday has been moved from Phoenix to Washington, D.C. President Trump has insisted that there be no changes to his schedule, despite warnings from health officials about large gatherings.

The sports world has already been affected by the virus, as two members of the Utah Jazz have tested positive. The NBA has suspended the 2019-20 season. In college basketball, the NCAA announced that all Division 1 men’s and women’s basketball tournament games will be played in arenas without fans, with only “essential staff and limited family” allowed to attend.

The regular season for Major League Baseball has not yet begun, but spring training is limiting locker room access and the contact between players and fans. No reports have been released on the beginning of the season. The National Hockey League has also closed locker room access, and teams have halted international travel.

Globally, the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo is “up in the air” until sometime in May, after organizers voiced concerns that the disease could cause major problems for the contestants and attendees.

Broadway is suspending all of its shows for a month, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a ban on all gatherings of more than 500 people.

Princess Cruises have canceled all voyages for two months after recent trips suffered coronavirus outbreaks, leaving passengers in quarantine. American Airlines, Delta, Jet Blue and United are taking measures to help slow the spread of the virus and numerous international flights have been cancelled.

And U.S. stocks took another dive, “due to extraordinary market situations” as a result of the coronavirus. Trading was halted for a time again on Thursday.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For organizers of major events and programs to have wisdom in the face of the coronavirus outbreak.
  • For government officials and other authorities doing all they can to contain the spread of the disease.
  • For Americans afflicted with the virus or otherwise impacted in their health or economic welfare.

Sources: CNN, Sports Center, Today


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