President Trump Proposes Tax Relief Program

Proc Tax breaks designed to aid faltering economy

On Tuesday, President Trump visited Capitol Hill in order to introduce legislation that would offer payroll tax breaks for companies around the U.S. in order to stimulate the economy. President Trump was joined by the Vice President and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin. The goal would be to temporarily give a boost to the economy before reinstating the taxes in 2021. 

These relief measures come as the U.S. economy has been suffering under the weight of the coronavirus outbreak, and fears of a financial meltdown. According to the White House, President Trump would “announce the “dramatic” details of the proposed relief Tuesday. “They will be major,” Trump said at a briefing on coronavirus response with members of the coronavirus task force.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That God would use the president to help the nation prosper.
  • That the efforts of the administration’s financial team would bring about the needed recovery for the nation.
  • For Secretary Mnuchin to be guided by the Lord on how best to set financial policy in the U.S.

Sources: AP, CNN, CBS


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