Upcoming Census Highlights Divide on District Reform

The concerns expressed over gerrymandering

On April 1, the 2020 census will begin. According to the data that is brought in by the census, states will look to reshape voting districts in order to better reflect groups of demographically similar people. But according to track-records kept by reporters and advocacy groups, as cited in the Better Boundaries initiative, these reshapings are often not without self-interest.

Both Democrats and Republicans have a history of redistricting to strengthen their voting groups while diluting those of their opponents. Echoing the voice of advocacy groups, the Senate moved to pass a redistricting reform bill on Tuesday. The legislation would require state lawmakers to submit formal explanations whenever they believe redistricting is necessary. Lawmakers complain that this limits their constitutional powers. The House has until March 12 to pass the plan.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the House and the Senate as they consider how best to ethically handle census data.
  • For President Trump as he prepares for the administration of the 2020 census.
  • That state lawmakers would protect the best interests of their voters in the wake of the census.

Sources: NY Post, NPR, Wall Street Journal


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