Federal Magistrate Demands Government Shooting Files

Judge states reports are required for VA park police shooting

The family of Bijan Ghaisar had lost their son to a violent shooting by U.S. Park Police officers in Virginia in 2017. The family sued the government and the officers shortly after, and have been frustrated by the heavy delays in the case. Necessary police reports required to continue the investigation have still not been obtained, due to the Federal Government labeling its content as “sensitive” and “voluminous”.

Many people have spoken out against this 3 year delay, including multiple members of congress, lawyers supporting the family, and most recently the U.S. Magistrate Ivan Davis. On Friday, he ruled that it was unacceptable for the Federal Government to withhold information on the case. He ordered that the files be turned over, and gave the government one week to do so.     

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That the administration of President Trump would seek mercy and justice in all their dealings.
  • That U.S. Magistrates like Ivan Davis would be given supernatural insight into the cases given to them.
  • For the Police forces of the United States as they go out on the front lines to protect our nation.

Sources: AP


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