Department of Justice to Withhold Funds from Sanctuary Cities

President Trump calls on cities and states to stop harboring criminals

On Thursday, President Trump said law enforcement funding would be withheld from sanctuary cities following a ruling by the Second U.S. Court of Appeals that said the administration could block federal funds to states and cities that do not cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

“As per recent Federal Court ruling, the Federal Government will be withholding funds from Sanctuary Cities,” the president tweeted. “They should change their status and go non-Sanctuary. Do not protect criminals!”

Last month, the federal court in Manhattan granted the move, but three other federal appeals courts have agreed to uphold an injunction against withholding of such funds, setting up a possible appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

In addition to withholding law enforcement money, the administration is opening up new fronts in the conflict with the sanctuary cities, filing lawsuits and issuing subpoenas in what Attorney General Barr called part of a “significant escalation” in the fight against noncooperative jurisdictions.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For President Trump, the Justice Department, and others as they look to withhold certain funds from sanctuary cities and states.
  • That Congress would be guided by God on the best laws to put in place. 
  • For these new laws to improve the quality of life in the U.S.

Sources: Reuters, Newsmax


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