President Trump Will Go to Tennessee Friday

Tornadoes kill at least 21 in Nashville

Tornadoes tore across Tennessee early Tuesday, killing at least 21 people and leaving buildings in shreds. One of the twisters caused severe damage across downtown Nashville, destroying the stained glass in a historic church and leaving hundreds of people homeless.

President Trump has responded. During a speech at the National Association of Counties Legislative Conference, he said, “We send our love and our prayers of the nation to every family that was affected. We will get there, and we will recover, and we will rebuild, and we will help them.”

In an earlier tweet, he said the federal government “is with you all of the way during this difficult time.”

He said, “We are working with the leaders in Tennessee, including their great Governor Bill Lee, to ensure everything is done properly. Our hearts are full of sorrow for the lives that were lost.” The president said he would visit the area on Friday, although details were not immediately available.

The storm system that ravaged Nashville also had strong cells capable of causing damage in central Alabama, eastern Tennessee and the western Carolinas.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the people and leaders of Tennessee as they deal with the loss of life and property from the tornadoes.
  • For the families who have lost loved ones in the storms.
  • For President Trump and the official actions that will be taken by FEMA and others to assist the state with their recovery.

Sources: The Tennessean, Fox Business News


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