FDA, CDC Put Virus Treatment on Fast Track

Accelerating approval for experimental drugs

White House Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow reported on Friday that the Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are accelerating the approval process for experimental drugs to fight the COVID-19  outbreak.

“Both the CDC and the FDA have expedited their approvals for experimental drugs and the application of drugs,” he said. “I think that’s very important. It’s the sort of deregulatory measure that will allow great American science and biotechnology to run as fast as it can to get engaged in this thing as much as needed.”

He added, “I just want to put that out. The seriousness of it and the unprecedented action. We’re very proud of this.”

He said, “We believe, and our top career health experts believe, that the risks here – the health risks and so forth – are on the low side. We continue to hold that point of view.”

Meanwhile, researchers at the MIGAL Galilee Research Institute in Israel are hoping they can turn a vaccine for poultry into one for humans to fight the coronavirus.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For vaccine and treatment development to progress in high gear, with a continued eye toward the safety of the drugs.
  • For researchers in Israel and elsewhere across the globe who are directing their attention to combatting the COVID-19 virus.

Sources: Fox Business, Newsmax


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