Supreme Court Hears First Cases of the Month

Supreme Court
Oral arguments in Forest Service authority and foreign nation liability

Monday saw the Supreme Court return to the bench to begin their February argument session. The court heard arguments in the cases of U.S. Forest Service v. Cowpasture River Preservation Association and Opati v. Sudan.

U.S. Forest Service v. Cowpasture River Preservation Association consists of two consolidated cases before the court that seeks to determine if the U.S. Forest Service has the authority to grant rights-of-way to lands that pass through the Appalachian Trail for an oil pipeline under the Mineral Leasing Act.

The case of Opati v. Sudan has the Justices of the Court looking at the Court’s decision in the Republic of Austria v. Altmann. The question applies to the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, and if victims of terror attacks can hold the nation of Sudan accountable and recover damages according to U.S. law.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That God would give the justices of the Court wisdom as they consider the oral arguments. 
  • For the Court to have discernment on the best cases to hear in the future.
  • That the results of these cases would enable the flourishing of humanity. 

Sources: SCOTUSblog, Supreme Court


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