Proposed Legislation Aimed at Ending Federal Income Tax

The proposed Fair Tax Act would be based on consumption and sales tax.  Representative Buddy Carter, along with 30 other House members, introduced a proposed bill called the…

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White House Planning New Type of Income Tax

Unrealized gains of billionaires are the new tax target.  President Biden announced a new taxation plan he says will raise an additional $1 trillion by fundamentally changing the…

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Secretary Yellen Calls for Global Corporate Tax

Goal is prevention of foreign tax havens. In her first major address as Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen on Monday urged a global minimum tax on corporations…

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Vice Presidential Candidates Meet in Debate

Both urged Americans to get out and vote as they discussed key election issues. Striking a calmer tone than the presidential candidates did a week ago, Vice President…

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Economy Is Number One Election Issue, Voters Say

President promises more tax cuts, others cry for more federal aid. According to a new Gallup poll, registered voters ranked the economy as the top issue for the…

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President Seeks Middle Class Tax Cut by September

Tax Cuts 2.0 would give 10 percent cut to middle class In an interview on Friday, President Trump’s National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow said the president is…

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