President Announces Marijuana Conviction Pardons

President Joe Biden is pardoning people with federal convictions for marijuana possession, including those convicted under Washington, D.C. law. “I’m announcing a pardon of all prior federal offenses…

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President Trump Prepares Final Pardons

Uncertain if his family is included amid upcoming impeachment trial The White House revealed on Monday that roughly 100 pardons had been prepared for President Trump to issue…

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President Pardons Former U.S. Contractors

They were convicted in 2014 for war crimes in Afghanistan. President Trump pardoned four veterans on Tuesday. They were serving extensive time in prison after being convicted for…

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President Trump Pardons General Flynn

District judge had failed to dismiss case, even though ordered to do so. On Wednesday, President Trump announced a full pardon for Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, bringing to…

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President Posthumously Pardons Susan B. Anthony

Pardon comes on 100th anniversary of 19th Amendment. On Tuesday, President Trump announced that he would be giving a posthumous pardon to Susan B. Anthony. The pardon comes…

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President Trump Issues Presidential Pardons

Includes commuted sentence of former Illinois governor On Tuesday, President Donald Trump announced that he would be pardoning and commuting the sentences of 11 individuals. Among those whose…

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