Federal Judge Blocks Parts of NC 12-Week Abortion Ban

Calls one provision vague and the other unscientific. District Judge Catherine Eagles recently blocked two provisions from a North Carolina law banning all abortions after 12 weeks of…

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Appeals Court Temporarily Blocks Arizona Abortion Ban

Allows 5 weeks for the court to review a request to totally overturn the ban. The Arizona Court of Appeals granted a request from Planned Parenthood last week…

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Supreme Court Abortion Draft Leaked

Initial opinions indicate that the Court may overturn Roe v. Wade. In December, the Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s…

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Planned Parenthood Looking to State Support After Federal Budget Cut

Organization impacted after Trump administration ruling of August 2019 In the summer of last year, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued a new rule for…

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