What’s ahead for U.S. currency? Paper, digital, gold…or?

 Is the United States currency about to undergo significant change? Are you ready? PRAY FIRST for God to be at work in the hearts and minds of federal…

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Treasury Department Developing Digital Dollar Technology 

Legislators are looking at official cryptocurrency.  The Treasury Department’s Under Secretary for Domestic Finance, Nellie Liang, said the administration is developing technology that would help create a central bank…

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Treasury Secretary Promotes Cryptocurrency Regulation

She expresses skepticism about the digital asset industry. The collapse of a cryptocurrency exchange known as FTX has been called a “Lehman moment” by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.…

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Treasury Secretary to Hold Meeting on Digital Currency

Stablecoins the topic of discussion with the President’s Working Group. Secretary Janet Yellen is convening a meeting on Monday with the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets to…

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