• PRAYER ALERT: Tornadoes Devastate in Mississippi
    Over 100 miles of destruction left behind.

    A 70-mph tornado swept through central Mississippi Friday night. It covered more than 100 miles, starting in the town of Rolling Fork and travelling Northeast through Silver City, Winona and Amory.

    As of early Saturday morning, it was reported that 23 are confirmed to have died, with the count expected to be higher as search and rescue teams continue working.

    Thunderstorms hit the area late Friday, with the National Weather Service reporting the tornado at 8:50p.m. local time. 

    The Mississippi State Emergency Operations Center is working with state officials to help, but some areas are difficult to access due to downed power lines and trees blocking roads. The status of how many are without power is unknown at this time. The full destruction left behind has yet to be realized, with comparisons being made to the 2011 tornado in Joplin, MO.

    Neighboring states have readied resources and are working to coordinate any support they can provide.

    As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

    • For the families of those who lost their homes and loved ones in this tragedy.
    • For the Mississippi Emergency Management Agencey and first responders who are actively helping on the ground.
    • For Governor Reeves and town officials to have wisdom as they help organize rescue and recovery efforts.

    Sources: National Weather Service, Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, Associated Press, ABC News

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