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Pause to Pray is the fastest growing radio feature in America - now heard on 472 stations nationwide!

This 1-minute feature, written and produced daily, focuses on praying for a specific national leader each day. It is a much-needed call for real-time prayer in the midst of the daily noise of current events.

Listen to the latest radio feature broadcast below!

Pause to Pray is an opportunity for Americans across the country to come together in prayer for our nation's leaders.

Pause to Pray is one of the many unique and nonpartisan programs from The Presidential Prayer Team. To learn more about us and our mission.

2020 journals

National Leadership Prayer Journal

NEW FOR 2020

Scripture, historical facts, and prayer points guide you in prayer for over 900 of America's officials.

First Family Christmas Prayer Greeting

Send your prayers and greetings to America’s First Family this Christmas. Be part of this important tradition by letting them know you appreciate them and are praying for them and for America!

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump

Latest Broadcast

Andrew Wheeler, EPA

Air Date: Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Andrew Wheeler is the Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. He oversees environmental assessment, research, and education. We pray that God will guide Mr. Wheeler as he works on behalf of our environment.


We encourage you to sign-up for our Daily Prayer Briefing to receive e-mail updates on how to pray for the president, the nation's leaders, and our country amid current events.

We also invite you to connect with us on social media and access our other resources to assist and support your prayer life, including our custom-designed Prayer Journal, a daily guide that will lead you to pray for all executive, legislative, and judicial leaders of the United States.

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Get Daily Updates

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Prayer Journal

Prayer Journal

Request your National Leadership prayer journal and you will pray for over 900 leaders as well as insight into some of their lives and responsibilities. This quarterly journal is updated every 90 days to make sure you have the most current leaders to be praying over.

For Radio Stations

For Radio Stations

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Pause to Pray is a ministry of The Presidential Prayer Team. Founded in 2001, The Presidential Prayer Team is the nation’s largest, full-time nonpartisan ministry dedicated to encouraging and inspiring people to pray for the president and leadership of the United States of America.
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