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President Trump Travels to Pennsylvania

Looks for ways to grow U.S. energy independence

On Tuesday, President Trump traveled to Pennsylvania to celebrate the opening of a major manufacturing complex that was announced by the oil company Shell in 2012. The production plant is nearly completed, and when fully operational will turn the area’s natural gas into plastics. President Trump spent the time speaking to employees and celebrating that the U.S. is able to provide for its needs independently.

President Trump said of gas and oil, “We don’t need it from the Middle East anymore.” He also described the Shell employees as the “backbone of this country.” The President also spent time discussing the various foreign-trade tariffs on steel and aluminum and stated that the American industries are now “thriving” as a result.

Sources: AP, NY Times, CNN
As the Lord Leads, pray with us:
  • For President Trump to have safe travel on his various upcoming trips.
  • For the actions of President Trump to strengthen American industry.
  • For God to give wisdom to President Trump on how best to conduct foreign trade.