PRESS RELEASE: Statement on Supreme Court Ruling

Pray the Vote Official Pray the Vote Guides NEW! Improve your prayer life, be reminded why we are called to pray, and find hope through prayer in this…

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PRESS RELEASE: Prayer and Politics

Is discussing religion and politics at a neighborhood barbeque bad form? A new study suggests mixing prayer and politics is more common and productive than you might think.

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PRESS RELEASE: America and the Bible

America’s general public is uncertain about how to integrate the Bible into their lives – or even if they should. In fact, many question the role of the Bible in daily life.

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PRESS RELEASE: America’s Prayer Life

Since the advent of the Coronavirus crisis millions of Americans have addressed the fears and challenges raised by COVID-19 through prayer.

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PRESS RELEASE: Being Christian

What does it mean to be a Christian in America these days? To answer this question, The Presidential Prayer Team conducted the Vital Signs Study to find out.

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