America’s Battleground for Affordable Housing

Will the next generation of Americans have a chance at home ownership? PRAY FIRST for our nation’s leaders as they grapple with the ongoing housing crisis. Trust in…

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Protecting the Minds of Our Children

How do we care for the up-and-coming next generation of Americans? PRAY FIRST for the nation’s state and federal leaders as they create policies and laws to protect…

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Highest Public Distrust in Government in 70 Years

How do we pray and trust and obey in a nation so deeply divided? PRAY FIRST for all Americans as we wrestle with trusting our leaders and our…

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Will Free Speech Remain in the Social Media Age?

Pending court judgments may shape our speech rights and liberties. PRAY FIRST for the nine justices of the Supreme Court to seek God’s wisdom as they face the…

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Who is Responsible for our Borders?

Immigration: Balancing National Security, Prosperity, and Humanitarian Needs PRAY FIRST for the U.S. officials who work to address the humanitarian crisis surrounding both legal and illegal immigration.   “And…

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U.S. Bolsters Defenses After Cyber-attacks

U.S. Bolsters Defenses After Cyber-attacks Has modern technology radically altered how nations wage war?  PRAY FIRST for our leaders in the Department of Defense and national security agencies…

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Balance of Power: Does the Supreme Court Get Final Say?

Do states or any other branch of government have the power to overrule the Supreme Court? PRAY FIRST for U.S. elected and appointed officials as divisions deepen between…

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United States Iran flags

Escalations in the Middle East Continue

Are we in a game of who blinks first with Iran? PRAY FIRST for our nation’s leaders who determine foreign policies and for those who are actively making…

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Recession Coming?

Can the nation stem the tide of inflation and prevent a recession? PRAY FIRST for our nation’s leaders as they set economic policies in the face of a…

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Vital Sign Religious Freedom

Voting to Save Your Rights

Can we protect the liberties and rights of all Americans for generations to come? PRAY FIRST for America’s leaders and judges to act righteously and seek to guarantee…

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