Federal Judge Rules Against Title IX Updates in Four New States

State attorneys general from Kansas, Alaska, Utah, and Wyoming claim the federal regulation was intended to protect biological women from discrimination.

A district judge in Kansas halted the Title IX of President Biden’s administration for the states of Kansas, Utah, Alaska, and Wyoming. The Education Department has updated the Title IX rules to include gender identity and pregnancy in the definition of sex discrimination. The rule has currently been blocked in 14 states as of this ruling.

“The legislative history [of Title IX] supports a finding that the term ‘sex’ referred to biological sex,” District Judge John Broomes wrote in the decision. “One of the principal purposes of the statute was to root out discrimination against women in education. The legislative history shows that Congress was concerned about the unequal treatment between men and women for admissions opportunities, scholarships, and sports.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For wisdom for district and circuit judges as they hear and rule on cases regarding the interpretation of federal regulations.
  • For the president, his advisors, and administration officials as they update federal rules.

Sources: Just The News, Washington Examiner


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