USDA Increases Efforts to Reduce the Impact and Spread of H5N1

The department is offering a variety of compensations and reimbursements for lost milk production.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced assistance to improve on-site biosecurity for producers who have H5N1 affected premises. The department is also making financial tools available to those who have lost milk production in H5N1 impacted herds.

The USDA is seeking to guard against H5N1 spread between humans and animals with personal protective equipment (PPE) and outerwear laundering. The department is working to develop biosecurity plans for vendors and veterinarians who move between dairy farms. Funding is also being provided to kill the virus through heat treatment of the milk before disposal. There are other compensations, offsets, and reimbursements being made to producers due to lost milk production.

The USDA stated, “Taken together, these tools represent a value of up to $28,000 per premises to support increased biosecurity activities over the next 120 days.“

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For USDA officials to be discerning as they seek to prevent the spread of H5N1.
  • For the farmers and ranchers who are dealing with lost production as the effort to reduce H5N1 in cattle proceeds.

Sources: Department of Agriculture


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