Senate Schedules First Hearing for NTSB Chair Nominee

Jennifer Homendy to appear before the Senate Commerce Committee on April 10.

The Senate Commerce Committee has scheduled its first nomination hearing for Jennifer Homendy on April 10, who President Joe Biden nominated to serve in a second term as the chair of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Chair Homendy has served as a member of the board since 2018 and was first nominated to chair the board in 2021. She recently served as the on-scene NTSB board member after Baltimore’s Key Bridge collapse as well as the Alaska Airlines Boeing door plug incident on January 5. 

Chair Homendy advocates for increased safety measures in American transportation across the board. After the Norfolk Southern freight train crash in Ohio last year, she has strived to “make safety recommendations to prevent similar derailments from ever happening again… It is our job to hold everyone accountable.”

She also said that the seven close-call aviation incidents that happened last year “must serve as a wake-up call for every single one of us before something more catastrophic occurs.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Chair Homendy as she advocates for safety guidelines in multiple transportation industries.
  • For members of the Senate Commerce Committee as they prepare to question Chair Homendy in the confirmation process.

Sources: Reuters, Flight Global


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