District Judge Vetoes Endorsement Column in New Jersey’s Primary Ballot

Rules unique ballot design gives endorsed candidates unfair advantage.

District Judge Zahid Quraishi ruled that the design of New Jersey’s primary ballot gave an unfair advantage to party-backed candidates by listing them in a separate column apart from other potential candidates.

The lawsuit over the ballot was brought to the federal court by Representative Andy Kim of New Jersey and congressional candidates, Sarah Schoengood and Carolyn Rush. They argued that the state’s decision to separate party-backed candidates into their own column violated their First Amendment right to associate with candidates of their choosing. They also argued that the design choice exceeded the state’s right to regulate its federal elections.

Judge Quraishi ordered the use of a different primary ballot with a randomized listing system for each office. “The integrity of the democratic process for a primary election is at stake,” the judge wrote in his ruling.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For federal court judges as they hear cases regarding ballots and election integrity.
  • For candidates for and members of Congress to be prudent as they run for office.
  • For American voters to be discerning in their choices of candidates.

Sources: Reuters, New Jersey Globe


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