10 States Join FTC Suit Against “Sham” Cancer Charity

The organization raised over $18 million over 5 years only providing 1 percent to cancer patients.

This week, ten states joined the Federal Trade Commission in suing the Women’s Cancer Fund and its founder. The lawsuit claims the organization lied to thousands of prospective donors by using just a fraction of the funding raised for its communicated purpose.

The Women’s Cancer Fund hired telemarketers, who promoted the message that contributed donations would go to paying the rent, bills, and grocery expenses for cash-strapped cancer patients, raising over $18.24 million between 2017 to 2022. The organization even sent fake “thank you” letters from non-existent funding recipients. However, once the organization filed to dissolve in 2022, the founder was discovered to have used the majority of the funds to pay fundraisers, pocketing $775,000 for himself and only providing $195,000 to struggling cancer patients.

“Cancer Recovery Foundation International and Anderson abused the generosity of American donors in the most egregious way,” stated Director Samuel Levine of the FTC’s Consumer Protection Bureau.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the state attorneys general who have joined the FTC lawsuit against the sham charity.
  • For Director Levine and officials in the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection as they pursue cases against fraudulent organizations.
  • For Chair Lina Khan as she heads the Federal Trade Commission.

Sources: Reuters, Federal Trade Commission


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