Army Chief Of Staff Reports Recruitment Improving

He and the Army secretary separately visited For Cavazos recently.

The U.S. Army fell roughly 10,000 recruits short of its goal in fiscal year 2023, though the service reportedly gained 10,000 more than the prior year. Army Chief of Staff General Randy George reported that the branch’s recruiting is stronger for the new year than at the same point in 2023.

“Last year we improved by 10,000. Right now, we’re above that glide path,” General George said during his recent visit to Fort Cavazos. “We’ve had great interest in people for recruiting, and we’ve been very selective. We just want to make sure that we select the right people.”

When Army Secretary Christine Wormuth visited Fort Cavazos at the end of January, she said that while the higher recruitment rate was heartening, the Army is working to use its smaller numbers effectively and realistically. 

“One thing the Army is doing very successfully right now is retention. We have historically high retention levels, and part of that is because we’re trying to not yank our soldiers around too much,” Secretary Wormuth said. “The fact that we are finding other ways to deal with the manning issues, rather than kind of cross-levering brigades is significant.”

The Army has restructured its organization and operations to adapt to having a current force of 445,000. The service is optimistic that its ranks will rise to 470,000 by 2029.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Secretary Wormuth to receive God’s guidance as she heads the U.S. Army.
  • For General George to be discerning as he fulfills his duties as Army chief of staff.
  • For military recruiters as they work to increase the U.S. Armed Forces’ personnel numbers.

Sources: Stars and Stripes,, Townhall


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