DOT Supports FTC Protections Against Predatory Towing

The department urged the FTC to implement additional restrictions curbing junk fees.

The Department of Transportation expressed support for policies banning junk fees, especially with regard to the predatory tow fees in commercial trucks. At issue is the practice of towing companies holding commercial trucks until a truck driver pays a number of undisclosed fees for towing.

The Transportation Department advocated for the victims of these situations in a public comment on a policy proposed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). If enacted, the policy would ban junk fees in all commercial sectors. 

“When a truck driver’s vehicle is towed, they can’t earn a living until they get it back — leaving them vulnerable to predatory junk fees from towing companies,” said Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. “We support FTC’s efforts to stand up for truckers by acting to ban junk fees and prevent predatory towing fees that can cause significant financial harm.”  

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For members of the FTC as they seek to eliminate junk fees in commercial industries.
  • For Transportation Department officials as they advocate for truckers who have been defrauded.

Sources: Department of Transportation


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