Administration Cancels Another $5 Billion in Student Loan Debt 

74,000 borrowers who have worked at least ten years in public service receive federal student loan forgiveness.

President Biden announced that another $5 billion in student loan debt would be canceled for student loan borrowers working in public service jobs. There are already 44,000 approved borrowers in the public sector who have worked ten years or more as teachers, nurses, and firefighters.  

The president stated, “My administration is able to deliver relief to these borrowers — and millions more — because of fixes we made to broken student loan programs that were preventing borrowers from getting relief they were entitled to under the law.” 

According to the White House, as of Friday, the total number of federal student loan borrowers whose debts have been cancelled by President Biden’s administration numbers 3.7 million people. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the president and U.S. education officials as they continue to provide debt relief for federal student loan borrowers.
  • For COO Richard Cordray to be led by the Lord as he heads the Office of Federal Student Aid.

Sources: Washington Examiner, News Nation


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