Labor Department Announces Unpaid Wages for Over 200k Workers

Wage and Hour Division prioritizes back pay from employers who violated wage laws.

The U.S. Department of Labor stated that more than 208,000 workers in the country are entitled to $163.3 million in back pay due to wage-law violations by their employers. The Wage and Hour Division of the Labor Department has launched a website to assist individuals in claiming unpaid wages.

Prospective claimants must first check if their company is listed on the website to determine if they are among those owed money. The division often secures unpaid wages on behalf of workers, when companies are unable to locate former employees, by holding the funds while continuing the search.

“One of our top priorities is to ensure that the back wages we recover are swiftly paid to the workers who earned them,” Administrator Jessica Looman stated.

However, workers have only a three-year window to claim any back pay before the funds are redirected to the U.S. Treasury. Despite the Labor Department disbursing over $26.9 million through the worker-owed wage system in 2023, there are reportedly thousands of employees who have not yet claimed their money.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Administrator Looman as she heads the Wage and Hour Division.
  • For Acting Secretary Su as she oversees the Labor Department.
  • For Americans to utilize the website to recoup any unpaid wages that may have been recovered by the government.

Sources: The Hill, News Nation


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