Federal Court Blocks Law Banning Guns in Public Spaces

The circuit court will hear the state of California’s appeal of the injunction in April.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated an injunction against California’s new law banning the carrying of guns in most public spaces as a violation of the Second Amendment. California first passed the law in 2022, which banned concealed guns in over two dozen different “sensitive spaces,” such as hospitals, playgrounds, and places of worship.

A number of gun rights groups filed a lawsuit to block the law from taking effect, successfully arguing that the Second Amendment prohibits any restrictions on gun owners’ right to carry their weapons.

The appeal of the injunction by the state of California will be heard by the court in April.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For state governing officials to consider the protections under the Bill of Rights as they seek to prevent gun violence.
  • For wisdom for the judges of the nation’s circuit courts of appeal as they hear and decide cases.

Sources: Reuters, AP


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