Supreme Court Turns Down X Appeal to Reveal FBI Information Requests

It is the third time X appeal has been denied in the court system.

The Supreme Court recently refused to hear an appeal made by X, formerly known as Twitter, upholding the decisions of lower courts forbidding the company from publicly revealing all FBI requests for information on certain users of the social media platform. 

The social media platform argued that revealing the extent of government surveillance is necessary for societal clarity and violated the company’s right to free speech. But two lower courts sided with the FBI, saying that they agreed that keeping certain information classified was necessary for national security.

“Against the fuller backdrop of these explicit illustrations of the threats that exist and the ways in which the government can best protect its intelligence resources, we are able to appreciate why Twitter’s proposed disclosure would risk making our foreign adversaries aware of what is being surveilled and what is not being surveilled—if anything at all,” wrote Circuit Judge Daniel Bress for the 9th Circuit Court in March. This final denial from the Supreme Court marks the end of X’s case.  

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For justices of the Supreme Court to receive God’s wisdom as they choose which cases to hear or turn down.
  • For FBI officials to be discerning as they surveil American citizens and request private information.
  • For the leaders of major technology and social media companies to protect user data.

Sources: The Hill, CNBC


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