U.S. and UK Navies Shoot Down Houthi Missile Barrage 

It was the largest attack yet in the Red Sea, but no injuries or damages were reported.

Houthi rebels in Yemen launched one of the largest drone and missile attacks yet late Tuesday targeting commercial shipping lanes in the Red Sea. Five United States and United Kingdom warships patrolling the region responded to the barrage. 

U.S. Central Command reported that 18 drones, two anti-ship cruise missiles, and drone anti-ship ballistic missiles were shot down by the combined forces. CENTCOM also said there was no report of injuries or damage to merchant vehicles. 

This was the 26th attack by Houthi rebels against Red Sea commercial shipping since November 19. The rebel terror group is trained and funded by Iran and they claim their attacks are a show of support for Hamas against Israel. 

The Red Sea is linked to the Mediterranean via the Suez Canal. Due to the terrorist disruptions, many major shipping companies have begun re-routing their ships to the much longer route around southern Africa, at considerably higher shipping costs. 

The U.S. and UK are reportedly considering a retaliatory military response after this attack.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For wisdom for General Kurilla as he commands the U.S. Central Command.
  • For the U.S. and UK military officials as they deliberate a strong military response to the attacks by the Houthi rebels.

Sources: Reuters, Time, Washington Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC


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