Commerce Department Launching Semiconductor Supply Chain Survey

The department will assess the current state of domestic production to develop support methods.

The Department of Commerce announced that it is launching a new survey this month to establish the current state of America’s domestic semiconductor supply chain. The survey will attempt to identify exactly how U.S. companies choose to source semiconductors, focusing particularly on the continued use of so-called “legacy chips.” 

Leading-edge semiconductor technology strives for smaller and smaller models, but the U.S. has reason to believe that China is investing in more refined productions of older, larger semiconductors. Once the Commerce Department discovers how many U.S. companies continue to use these legacy chips, officials can decide whether the U.S. needs to invest in greater legacy chip production as well. 

“Government alone cannot create and sustain a robust supply chain – we need industry at the table,” Secretary Gina Raimondo said. “This survey will empower the Department with the data we need to inform our next steps in building strong, diverse, and resilient semiconductor supply chains.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Secretary Raimondo to be led by the Lord as she oversees the survey to determine legacy chip use.
  • For Commerce officials as they assess the domestic use of legacy chips and their production.

Sources: Department of Commerce


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