House Subcommittee Addresses Rise in Retail Theft 

Chairman Pfluger details the rise in organized retail criminal enterprises.

The House Committee on Homeland Security Subcommittee on Counterterrorism, Law Enforcement, and Intelligence held a hearing this week to discuss retail crime which has become large and organized and which has escalated in recent years. 

Subcommittee Chair August Pfluger of Texas said, “Generally, organized retail crime involves the association of two or more persons engaged in illegally obtaining merchandise of value from retail establishments, through theft and/or fraud, as part of a criminal enterprise. This is not the same thing as shoplifting or petty theft, both of which are also illegal.“

He added, “This type of organized activity involves multiple occurrences and may transpire across various stores and state jurisdictions, further complicating matters for law enforcement agencies to combat these crimes.” he added. “We cannot remain oblivious to the surge in organized retail crime throughout the country impacting every one of our districts.” 

“This surge in retail theft is more than just teenagers looking for a thrill, but an abuse of soft-on crime policies and evidence of a deeper-rooted issue, driving crime and fear amongst our communities,” he said. 

A vice president of the National Retail Federation shared that last week in Philadelphia a security guard for Macy’s was stabbed to death by someone attempting to shoplift. “Employees are fearful. … No employee should have to quit and leave a job for fear,” he explained.  

A vice president of Home Depot asked Congress to pass legislation to combat organized retail crime syndicates. “Retailers are not exaggerating the problem of theft. We know firsthand that the impact has grown significantly.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Chair Pfluger and members of the subcommittee as they assess solutions to the rise in retail crime.
  • For legislators on the Homeland Security Committee to be wise in their investigations.
  • For the safety of officers in law enforcement across the nation, and security guards as well, as the nation reaches the height of the Christmas shopping season.

Sources: Townhall, Spectrum News, Fox News


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