White House Holds 2023 Tribal Nations Summit

Administration announces actions to support Tribal nations.

The White House recently held the 2023 Tribal Nations Summit, where President Joe Biden and administration officials unveiled a number of action items to support Tribal governments. The Department of the Interior launched an online database so tribes can search for federal funding opportunities, and the president signed an executive order streamlining how federal agencies interact with and distribute funding to Tribal nations, reforming policies for over 500 federal programs.

President Biden, before signing the executive order at the summit, stated, “The actions we’re taking today are key steps into that new era of Tribal sovereignty and self-determination — a new era, grounded in dignity and respect, that recognizes your fundamental right to govern and grow on your own terms.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the president and the secretary of the interior as they seek to support the sovereignty of tribal nations.
  • For Assistant Secretary Bryan Newland as he oversees the Interior’s Office of Indian Affairs.

Sources: Department of the Interior, White House


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