New FAA Committee Focuses on Pilot Mental Health 

They want to reduce stigmas and barriers. 

The Department of Transportation’s Office of the Inspector General issued a report in July that discussed the state of the mental health challenges being faced by pilots across America.  The report found that, although the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) “has comprehensive procedures to evaluate pilots’ psychological health,” barriers exist to addressing the issue. 

“The FAA’s ability to mitigate safety risks is limited by pilots’ reluctance to disclose mental health conditions,” the report found. “The primary factors that discourage pilots from reporting their mental health conditions are the stigma associated with mental health, the potential impact on their careers, and fear of financial hardship.” 

On Tuesday, FAA Administrator Mike Whitaker announced the creation of a new committee that will deal with reducing the stigmas attached to mental wellness and eliminate the barriers that currently discourage pilots from addressing psychological issues. 

The committee will also examine the same issues for air traffic controllers. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Administrator Whitaker as he appoints members of the FAA committee for pilot and air traffic controller mental health.
  • For Transportation Secretary Buttigieg as he heads the Department of Transportation.
  • For pilots and air traffic control personnel who are having challenges with mental health to get any assistance they need.

Sources: The Hill, ABC News 


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